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International Cartographic Conference 2011
The 25th International Cartographic Conference, held in Paris, ends. This impressive venue, worldwide the most important in the field of cartography, saw more than 1300 attendees. Among the few Italians and the even fewer publications accepted, Cargen lab was there, presenting two papers, resulting the #1 contributors from Italy!
ICA Workshop 2011
The paper "Pruning of Hydrographic Networks: A Comparison of Two Approaches", result of a collaboration with the US Geological Survey, is presented at the 14th ICA Workshop in Paris
ASITA 2011
The abstract for the paper "Tecniche di generalizzazione cartografica dalla grande alla media scala" has been accepted for the conference ASITA 2011 that will be held in November in Parma.
AIC Conference 2011
Cargen lab is present at the "Convegno annuale dell’A.I.C." (annual conference of the Italian cartographic association) in Modena, presenting two papers.
AIC Conference 2011
Both our abstracts on the role of cartographic generalization at present day and in the future and on the recent advances of research in this field both worldwide and in Italy have been accepted and will be presented at the AIC Conference in Modena in May, 2011
ICA Workshop 2011
The paper "Pruning of Hydrographic Networks: A Comparison of Two Approaches", written in collaboration with the US Geological Survey has been accepted at the ICA workshop that will be held prior to the ICC2011 in Paris
ICC 2011 Paris
Both the two papers submitted for the 25th Conference of the International Cartographic Association (ICC 2011) in Paris have been accepted for publication.
GIS Day 2011
Cargen lab is present at the GIS Day 2011 organized by the University of Padova at CIRGEO
ICA Workshop
The paper "Data enrichment for road generalization through morphology" is presented at the 13th ICA workshop on Cartographic Generalization in Zurich
IGM meeting
Attended the first meeting of the working group for the italian 1:25K/1:50K data model held at the headquarters of IGM (Istituto Geomgrafico Militare) in Florence
ISPRS Journal submission
The paper "SplitArea: An algorithm for splitting faces in the context of a hierarchical data structure" co-written with the GIS-t people at TU-Delft is submitted for the special issue of the ISPRS Journal of Photogrammetry and Remote Sensing
AIC Bulletin
The report of the July congress is published in the AIC (Associazione Italiana Cartografi) bulletin

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